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The northeast, and Pennsylvania specifically, receives some of our nation's most severe weather - both in summer and in winter. Storms and temperature conditions can wreak havoc on your property, damaging your most important layer of protection: Your roof.


When your roof begins to experience structural damage, or if eventual wear and tear is beginning to take its toll, contact Berks Roofing Inc for quality maintenance and repair.

Repairing even the most damaged roofs

When Hurricane Sandy brought over 7" of rain to Pennsylvania, Berks Roofing Inc was here making homes and businesses safe again with quality roof repairs. No matter how much damage your roof takes, we'll fix it thoroughly with lasting results.

Prolonging the life of your roof with custom coatings

Your roof protects your property from temperature, weather, moisture and the elements.

But what protects it? Even the highest quality roofing materials need an extra barrier of protection. We'll make your roof last years longer with a quality custom coating.


We're capable of custom-fabrication coating and protection solutions from copper or other metals, as well as special ordering other products to maintain your roof.

Is your roof safe and structurally sound?

Whether you're a home owner or business owner, your roof will either be your best investment - or your most costly repair nightmare. Is your roof certified?


Has it been properly inspected? Doing so now can prevent damage and thousands of dollars of repairs in the future. If you're a prospective buyer of a new or existing property, this inspection is even more important. Hidden factors and damage could leave you without a budget to live or operate your business.


Contact us to schedule a certified roof inspection appointment.

Roof repair

Quality Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping Pennsylvania property owners' roofs maintained since 1952.


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