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Did you know your roof - not  your basement - is the most humidified environment in your home? It's bad for your home's structure, and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your roof over years - especially if you have traditional shingle roofing.


Let Berks Roofing Inc ensure your roof is properly ventilated. With a thorough diagnosis and proper ventilation system, we'll make sure your roof lasts decades longer, with less cost.

Water is your roof's hidden enemy

Contrary to what you think, your roof is not waterproof. No matter what material your roof is constructed of, moisture will always enter. The wood structure of your property, and the myriad of spaces in your attic can harbor that moisture, wreaking havoc.

Ventilation: Simple concept, powerful savings

A Berks Roofing Inc roof ventilation system is simple! We install intake vents in your roof's eaves: The overhanging underside of your roof.


These intake vents draw fresh air into your attic and beneath your roof. Installed fans and exhaust vents atop your roof draw the moisture-laden hot air out of your roof, preserving it. Our systems are low-profile, invisible outside, and protect your building's structure and framing!

Roofing ventilation saves you on utilities, too.

Because your roof ventilation system relies on the principle of convection (hot air rising), it draws hot, humid air away from your ceiling. This reduction in temperature and moisture helps insulate your property and allows your air conditioning system to run more efficiently.


You'll not only save on roof repairs, but you'll save even more on your monthly bills! Roofing ventilation is a simple investment that will pay dividends every year, and you'll enjoy a longer-lasting property and better quality roof for longer.


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Roof vent installation

Protecting your property from moisture and water damage for over 60 years.

Prolong the life of your roof with venting

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